Eva Tsai, CPA/MBA


Eva Tsai is the founder and president of American Ginseng Pharm. Eva has over 28 years of extensive experience in public accounting, business consulting, taxation, audits, internal control and management. Eva's client base stretches across over several fields including supplement distribution, pharmaceuticals, retail, marketing, wholesale, manufacturing, food processing factories, internet stores, and agriculture. She has and is still networking with highly qualified businesses in finance, legal, and marketing. Eva is responsible for international sales, management, accounting, tax planning, and internal control of the overall business operation aspects. She is also creating annual operating plans that support strategic direction set by the board and correlates annual operation budgets; submitting annual plans to the board for approval; and developing and monitoring strategies for ensuring the long-term financial viability of the organization.

Dr. Jeng-Jung Yee, Product Director


Following a graduation from National Taiwan University, Dr. Yee attended Cornell University, earning a PhD in nutritional biochemistry in the division of nutritional sciences (1981) under his instructor, the legendary nutritionist Dr. Collin Campbell. Dr Campbell's expertise and scientific focus encompass the relationship between diet and disease with an emphasis on the causation of cancer. His China Project is one of the most comprehensive studies of health and nutrition ever conducted and is recognized by the New York Times as the "Grand Prix of epidemiology". Dr. Yee's thesis was focused on the research of anti-fat oxidative foods. After graduation, he entered the food industry, working at SCHRIBER FOODS INC. in their research of dairy nutrition and development (1981-2006) where his research obtained a number of US national patents. Following his own work in consulting (2007), he joined as an advisor to many companies including China Health Blue Food Company (2007-2012), IMPESIBLE FOODS INC (2013-2015), and LYRICAL FOODS INC (2015-2017). Dr. Yee's extensive experience in the US food industry and his knowledge of USDA and FDA regulations will have a significant impact on the sustainable development of AMERICAN GINSENG PHARM.

Ying Xu, Asian Market Manager

Ying Xu was the General Manager of Yunnan Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co Ltd, ranking 285 of China's top 500 enterprises. During his management term the company was elected by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China as the best Foreign Trade Enterprise. He was also involved with the investment and going public of Lijang Yulong Toruism Co Ltd, Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, and Yunnan Lincang Xinyuan Germanium Industrial Co Ltd. He is currently Goaltech Co Ltd's director of oversea sales. Mr. Ying Xu is responsible for our China sales strategies and public relations.

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