The history of American ginseng use and trade stretches back much further than the Declaration of Independence. Long before North America was colonized, various Native American peoples used ginseng in medicine. Ojibwe Midewiwin, spiritual leaders skilled in medicine, used the root for digestive troubles and pain relief. Muscogee people used a poultice of the root to staunch bleeding and a tea to treat respiratory conditions and fevers. The Meskwaki people of the Great Lakes region have used it as both an aphrodisiac and as a panacea, a “universal remedy for children and adults,” Daniel Moerman writes in Native American Medicinal Plants.
1. Cultivating Wild-simulated American Ginseng:
We have cultivated wild-simulated American Ginseng over 8 years and at least 50 acres per year. To estimate our wild-simulated American Ginseng will be over 20,000lb in 2028.
2. R&D of Wild-simulated American Products:
To keep the most curative effect of precious wild/wild-simulated American Ginseng, we insist to use traditional way to make our liquid extracts and capsules, tea.

What is Wild-Simulated Ginseng?


•Ginseng seeds are sown in suitable wild locations and left to grow on their own.


•The land is not tilled and no fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides are used.


•Commercial, field-grown Ginseng is cultivated unsustainably and is of inferior quality


•Wild-simulated Ginseng has nearly the same quality and value as wild-harvested plants



We are devoted to becoming the leader of ginseng lingzhi herbal supplement industry.


American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and  Reishi (Ling Zhi or Ganoderma lucidum)  have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


For more than twenty five years extracts of these species have been used in cancer research and hundreds of articles have been published in the bio-medical literature on their efficacy in different aspects of cancer treatment and other effects.


Some of the observed outcomes include: 

  • ​slow brain-cell loss

  • boost the immune system

  • possess compounds help protect form radiation

  • anti-tumor activity

  • growth inhibition in different human cancer cell lines

  • treatment of specific conditions including colorectal cancer

  • improvement in cancer-related fatigue

  • help men wiht erectile dysfunction.

  • lower blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetes.

  • improvement  in metntal performance and well being.

  • may help treating ADHD.



Ginseng Lingzhi Tea Series

From the benefit of an insight, the American ginseng’s leaf is as good as the root.  Our wild-simulated ginseng grows at land is not tilled and no fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides are used.  Our Wild-simulated Ginseng’s tea is organic, safe and rich in herbal lysimachiae, panax quinquefolium and radix glycyrrhizae.  Modern research provides some support for using of ginseng  for diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and heart failure etc., The benefit of drinking our ginseng tea is countless. 


The health benefits of our ginseng lingzhi tea include - enhance overall health by boosting immunity, reduce physical and mental distress, balance blood pressure, clean the blood, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, reduce the risk of developing cancer, stimulate liver action, fight the effects of aging and stress, relief from menstrual problems, reduction in obesity, improvement of digestive disorders, boost immune system, as well as improving  asthma, arthritis,  and sexual problems.


The main health benefits of our ginseng lingzhi tea are due to the naturally occurring chemicals called "ginsenosides" that are present in ginseng and Polysaccarides in lingzhi, these can have immune-boosting effects,. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, ginseng tea possesses a number of anti-carcinogenic properties.